From separation to integration

  • How much trust and how much control is prevailing in our initiative? And how can we build and sometimes rebuild trust?
  • How are collective decisions being made? By whom, through what process?
  • Who has access to which information? How does information flow, and how can we make the best use of transparency?
  • How developed is the awareness of gender roles and perspectives?
  • How do we deal with conflicts?
  • How do we hold each other accountable?
  • How are resources managed and allocated in our initiative?
  • Which and how much diversity are we capable of integrating into common directions?


Before entering the vortex, make sure you create a fertile ground by taking a moment to reflect and make explicit to everyone engaged in the process, the purpose of the learning journey and how you will navigate the process. Do both of the following exercises to define the why and how will the process happen.