From single initiative to joint power

  • What are the particular strengths and outstanding potential of our territory?
  • Which partners does our initiative have? Who are we looking for to expand our capacity to fulfil  shared purposes?
  • How can we map change makers in our place or region?
  • In which networks at which scale are we engaged?
  • What can we do to ignite and cultivate ongoing collaboration across initiatives?
  • What is our genuine role and expertise, and in what should we better count on with other partners?
  • How to develop aligned strategies, shared resources and coordinated action in multi-actor partnerships?


Before entering the vortex, make sure you create a fertile ground by taking a moment to reflect and make explicit to everyone engaged in the process, the purpose of the learning journey and how you will navigate the process. Do both of the following exercises to define the why and how will the process happen.