From direct action to building capacity

  •  Which footprints (ecological, biodiversity, social) do our activities have?
  •  How to figure out which actions are worth the effort?
  •  How can our activities become more transformative?
  •  How to make our supply chains more resilient?
  •  How can the source of energies and resources used in our actions be as regenerative as possible?
  •  How can our use of energies and resources be regenerative?
  •  How can individual and collective action be consistent with a caring purpose?
  •  How can we introduce resilient solutions within our context?


Before entering the vortex, make sure you create a fertile ground by taking a moment to reflect and make explicit to everyone engaged in the process, the purpose of the learning journey and how you will navigate the process. Do both of the following exercises to define the why and how will the process happen.