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We start the design process by asking What are We? and inquiring about the landscape as it is perceived. We observe our environment and territory we inhabit and ourselves in it; we feel its presence and hear its voice; we notice its characteristics and systems that compose it. We inquire about its needs and find inspiration and guidance with it. This phase happens naturally in a slow movement where people come from different places and start connecting with a shared territory.


left yellow

This is the opening of the Co-sensing Phase. Use the yellow WeMeta card to open the phase. Consider an Opening Ritual to tune in with the phase that is starting. Use the four meta questions to guide the inquiry and the selection of the practices.

This is the moment to choose which WePractices cards you will activate.

To create new ones use this blank WePractice card.



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This is the closing of the Co-sensing Phase. Use the yellow WeMeta card again to harvest the findings of this phase and celebrate. Follow tips to support synthesis and celebration and a final question to synthesise the findings of this phase. Consider a

Closing Ritual to conclude the phase.