Welcome to Community Catalyst Learning Programs! We hope it can enrich your individual, organisational or community learning experience.

All materials have been created thanks to many contributions from people involved in processes of social change. The biggest thanksgiving is for nature, source of life and inspiration.

Have fun and consider the activities proposed as an invitation to adopt and adapt to best answer your needs and your context. Learning Programs can be individual and/or collective, in physical or online spaces, using printed or online materials.

To make the best out of the experience, consider preparing the learning space with love, care, snacks and coloured markers; setting a time or a schedule for the learning experience; keep track of the process.


Meet Cataly the Caterpillar, an adventurous tale as a source of inspiration. Start the journey from the heart, where fairy tales wish us to be.

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Meet Cataly

WeINTRO - An Introduction to Community Catalysts

An introduction to the Community Catalysts universe and backgrounds of the work and to the WeLand - Making Sense of Place, the co-design process that sustains and inspires the Community Catalysts Toolkit.

  • seven short online modules that include videos and images
  • a glossary to start practising the pattern language
  • a journey into the toroidal movement activated by the WeLand - Making Sense of Place co-design process


Download posters on theoretical frameworks that will support your learning journey.

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Learning Posters
PAR on Regenerative Development-01


A Participatory Action Research process to identify Community Catalysts of your bioregion and start from assessing the state of the Biosphere SDGs, as a baseline for catalysing community.

Use the set of canvas and cards to activate local processes and conversations, involve and listen to people in a community, harvest needs and build local strategies for the local implementation of the Biosphere related SDGs

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One-day Participatory Training Guideline on how to build Community Resilience based on the WeLand - Making Sense of Place co-design process. Find indications on how to organise an event with your community and search inspiration on how to build collective assessments and strategies

 *Watch these videos to know more about the local trainings done by the Community Catalyst Consortium.

Pilot Training-01
PAR on Transformative Economies-01

Transformative Economies Survey

Online survey to assess your organisation on Transformative Economies principles and practices. Use the results to identify an organisational driver and follow the appropriate pathway in the Community Catalyst Curriculum on Transformative Economies.

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Community Catalysts Curriculum for Transformative Economies

Go for the Community Catalysts Curriculum for Transformative Economies when you are an individual or collective initiative that needs to develop capacity on different angles of its economy. “Caring purpose”, “Eco-social action”, “Synergistic partnerships” and “Shared culture and governance” are four crucial dimensions of Transformative Economies that will inspire a more integral development of your initiative’s economy.

Discover how to navigate through the Curriculum with this Webinar.

Access the four Modules directly here.

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CCTE curriculum-01