A Community of Practice started as soon as we came together to make sense of Community Catalysts. As we discuss systemic needs, worldviews and frameworks and develop tools and learning programs to catalyse change in our local communities, we are experimenting within the bioregions we belong to and exchanging between European countries. We are learning and growing capacity, and strengthening translocal Communities of Practices that wish to exchange and expand for a regenerative impact.

This work is already having a grounding and meaningful impact on those that are in touch with it and many stories to tell, and we believe in the potential to evolve through experience and new collaborations.

Get in touch with us via email if you wish to:

  • Give feedback on the work so far
  • Know more about us and works in progress
  • Search for direct learning
  • Share your experiences and learnings
  • Add WePractice cards to our Toolkit
  • Meet a Community of Practice

At a bioregional level, find us in:

La Garrotxa, Cataluña, Spain /

Southwest Algarve, Portugal /

Sicily, Italy - Palma Nana Soc. Coop. /

Budapest, Hungary /