Accelerate Systemic Change

by Leveraging Local and Translocal Collaborations

that Lead to Regenerative Cultures

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What are we?

An ecosystem of engaged designers, researchers and facilitators who develop tools for catalysing ecosocial change in local communities. An ever evolving partnership engaging with bioregions in four different countries and growing a translocal community of practice for European regenerative development.

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Who is this for?

This is for you if you are (becoming) an:

  • Engaged citizen, volunteer or activist
  • Curious student or dedicated professional
  • Caring leader, teacher or capacity builder
  • Motivated youngster or inspiring elder
  • Community catalyst
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How to become a Community Catalyst?

  • Attune with the evolutionary purpose of a place
  • Embody regenerative principles and develop catalysing qualities
  • Activate natural patterns while engaging participation 
  • Adapt sense-making practices to your unique context 
  • Find your own learning pathways
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How does the platform work?

Here you can find the Community Catalysts’ Toolkit, Learning Programs, Readings and a Community of Practice. Navigate on the platform and discover your own way!

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What did we do?

As a European partnership of four local organisations, two european networks and two universities, we have co-created the Community Catalyst series of projects, supported by Erasmus+ program as a strategic or cooperation partnership.

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