The Community Catalyst project series covers the layers of the wedding cake representation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (see previous section) as follows:

An initial training (Erasmus+ KA1, Youth, 2018) designed to let the Community Catalyst vision emerge.

The project CCRD: Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development (Erasmus+ KA2, Youth 2018-2020) has its focus on the biosphere layer.


The project CCECR: Community Catalysts for Civic Engagement and Community Resilience (Erasmus+ KA2, Adult Education 2022-2024) has its focus on the society layer.


The project CCTE: Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies (Erasmus+ KA2, Adult Education, 2020-2022) has its focus on the economy layer.


However, these foci are connected and often flow into each other in the holistic practices that we promote. For instance, economic activities always involve the collaboration of people and they always operate within and change ecosystems.

Each Community Catalyst project is based on an initial phase of participatory action research (PAR) in local communities in four different countries, cultures and languages (Sicily, Algarve, Catalunya, Hungary). Those place-sourced results inform the development of the tools and practices alongside more conceptual input from our research and trans-local network partners.