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Caring Purpose

From needs to purpose

  • What is the general caring purpose of our initiative, and how explicit and well understood is it by all stakeholders?
  • What does it take to create, review and evolve a collective caring purpose?
  • What or whom do we take care of and how?
  • How aligned are we with our individual purpose and with the initiative's purpose? And how can we increase alignment with purpose and principles?
  • What are the criteria and the process for new people to join the initiative?
  • What do we do to support members and beneficiaries in learning and to evolve in and through our initiative?

Creating the Soil

Before entering the vortex, make sure you create a fertile ground by taking a moment to reflect and make explicit to everyone engaged in the process, the purpose of the learning journey and how you will navigate the process. Do the following exercises to define the why and how will the process happen.