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Welcome to the Identity Naming phase. What do We wish to become? This is the moment when we identify what is willing to emerge from the relationship between what we are and what we may become. We put together the assessments done in the ‘Landscape Integrity’ and in the ‘Co-sensing’ phase to understand the new emerging identity. The gaze is shifting to the potential of the initiative within its landscape. This phase has a fast quality inherent to it. As the particles of the torus move closer and faster around the centre of the movement, a certain verticality and sense of suspension is created, for us to get to know what is particularly emerging at this moment to guide the expansion in the process forward.

Enter this phase by connecting with yourself and the process so far. Choose a comfortable space and have a mindful moment.

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What exercises can support sensing and naming what is willing to emerge?

Choose 1 or 2 out of the following 3 WePractice red cards: