• PHASE 1 : Participatory Research-Action
  • This phase was carried out primarily by the four project partners based in bioregions, regions defined by their distinct geological, morphological and ecological characteristics. The partners interviewed diverse local community catalysts involved in environmental activities in order to collect examples of regenerative development practices and in order to deepen the collective understanding of regenerative practice at a bioregional level. Please read the individual country reports and collective report here.
  • PHASE 2 : Community Catalyst Guidelines, Toolkit & Video.
  • In this phase, we created theoretical and methodological Guidelines for trainers and practitioners as well as a comprehensive, aesthetic and printable Toolkit for participants. Additionally 6 videos were produced to accompany the six dimensions of the WeLand framework which structures the Toolkit. All six partners were involved in the production of these two outputs, with bioregional partners providing content related to local and bioregional applications of regenerative development, and the two network partners providing a European and international framework and reach.
  • PHASE 3 : Trainings and Multiplier Events
  • All partners participated in a transnational training to test the emerging framework. Once all project outputs were completed, all partners carried out multiplier events in their local countries in order to disseminate the results widely amongst activists, researchers, trainers, youth leaders, community leaders and technicians. Please follow our blog space for news on the training and multiplier events.