What community catalysts do revolves at the core around participatory, co-creative and transformative practices in place-based settings. You can only learn or improve on such practices by practicing them, again and again. There is no other way. This is why we foreground practices, whereas reflective sharing and conceptual framing come in as support for experiential learning.

The toolkit is a growing collection of participatory and transformative practices that you can consult as needed. You can scroll through the collection, run keyword searches or select sets of practices through tags. You can even compile your personal toolkit you can return to and evolve further anytime (as long as you keep your user account).
If you are a practitioner or a researcher, we would like to encourage you to share practices from your place, culture and field of expertise that complement the existing collection.

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This curriculum is about Transformative Economies. It leads you through a structured process of learning along the different phases of a collaborative design process called WeLand - Making Sense of Place.
You can choose from four modules and many practices. The modules cover different areas of attention of any transformative economy initiative: “caring purpose”, “shared culture and governance”, “synergistic partnerships” and “eco-social action”.
You can make use of the curriculum for an individual learning pathway, as facilitator of a group of learners or startuppers, or as a team already engaged in a place-based initiative.

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The trans-local Community Catalyst Community of Practice is an emerging space for sharing experiences and practices among practioners and learners of community catalyst roles across locations in English language.

At the current stage, there is a general  forum in which you can post questions, ask for support, share relevant resources,, tell more about you and your field of practice, suggest practices to add to the toolkit… .

Additionally, we plan for regular online meetings from a launch date onwards. Our local partners are available for organising face-to-face gatherings in their country and in their national language once there is sufficient demand..If you would like to join Community of Practice life meetings, please let us know.

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